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KHATERA ACCESSORIES is not just a label. It is a great vision of the little traumatized khatera. Khatera had a dream and found little reinforcement along the way. For this reason, my label is a great vision of love and hope that should show you humans how valuable, powerful and powerful you are. That you should live your dreams. It is the vision of a strong togetherness, where no one is better than the other and where one's worth is measured by pure existence and not by status. We are all ONE, all SAME and all interconnected. When you wear KHATERA, you wear pure love and this vision daily. You spread it, infect it and live it.

KHATERA is love, YOU are love

You are unique

Unsere Produkte werden fair in Hamburg im eigenen Atelier genäht. Mit jedem Kauf unterstützt du den Aufbau meiner sozialen Produktion mit Frauen in Afghanistan und geflüchteten Frauen in Hamburg, die mit uns im Atelier arbeiten werden und in ihre Kraft gebracht werden.

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Bumbag ´Black beauty` / vegan / belt bag / hip bag
Bauchtasche ´Black beauty` / vegan
Bauchtasche ´Black beauty` / vegan
Bauchtasche ´Black beauty` / vegan
Bumbag ´Black beauty` / vegan / belt bag / hip bag
Bumbag ´Black beauty` / vegan / belt bag / hip bag
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