Khatera Ali

I'm Khatera, the designer and founder of this label


KHATERA is my fashion accessory label from Hamburg.

I love to create beautiful, unique bags, shoulder bags, rucksacks, bum bags, waist belts, mini-belts and many other products for you.

All of our products are timeless, high quality and your lifelong companion.

I put all my love into this creative process and design my products. Love that I would like to pass on to you with my products.

I would like to convey to you to wear something very special, because each and every one of you is something very special. A single piece that can be the basis for any outfit and yet allows countless possible variations.

I use vegan leather or recycled materials because of the animals.

All of my products are made in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

KHATERA means memory.

When you wear my products, I want you to remember your true essence, your core, and your true origin, because as I began to remember my true origin and became more conscious, my whole changed Life ...

I found from deep pain to pure love ...

My message to you: You are love and unique