a brand from Hamburg that stands for simple, elegant and timeless design. With passion and heart and soul, Khatera develops trendy accessories such as bum bags, cell phone cases, handbags and belts. All products are made from vegan leather or recycled materials, as she attaches great importance to fairness, sustainability and love for all living beings.

The heart of the collection is the KHATERA Mini-Belt.

A small magic belt which, with its versatile uses, becomes a MUST HAVE.

Whether on blouses, T-shirts, wool coats or pants, it doesn't matter:

Reinvent your wardrobe again and again and conjure up beautiful looks with your clothes and also upgrade old clothes.

Our philosophy or our wish is to make our customers happy with great products and at the same time to use the proceeds to create the opportunity to do good.

Khatera started her own social project ´True Healing` and is working on other great projects for traumatized children.

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