Defense against or repression of the original wound creates more pain

The more the action, which arises from our core being, is distorted by the mask, the more we have to justify it by reproaching the other. The more we deny the existence of our lower selves, the more we disempower ourselves.

Repression blocks our inner creative source.

This creates a growing vicious circle of pain and helplessness.

The bigger this vicious circle becomes, the bigger our original wound appears to us. In the imagination with imagined suffering it becomes of such great intensity that the unconscious fear of it grows more and more and we do everything to protect ourselves from the experience of this original pain. In our imagination this turns into torture and annihilation. The more we shield ourselves from it and thus also from the healing process, the deeper we bury our wound, and our idea of ​​it becomes more and more removed from reality.

We create far more pain and illness in our lives and in our bodies by evading the original wound through habitual defensive strategies than this wound itself ever created.

Source: light healing

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