Bum bag love

My belly bag love

Back when the bum bags were already in fashion, I had a few different ones and I really enjoyed wearing them. And at some point the trend was over and I didn't wear any more at some point.

When the trend came back two years ago, I was initially very surprised because I no longer had it in my head. But I quickly found it very practical and beautiful at the same time and made one for myself, which I then wore every day.

Everyone asked me about my bum bag and I knew immediately that I had to add it to my range and immediately designed a collection of pretty vegan bum bags. They were very well received and to this day I make a lot of women happy with my bum bag.

There are often some questions that I would like to answer.

Question 1: Why bum bags?

I can only say that they are very practical and pretty at the same time. You have your hands free and everything you need always with you. They also conjure up really cool looks and are chic and casual at the same time. I love it.

Question 2: How can I carry my bum bag?

I think everyone has to decide for themselves. Some like to wear the bum bag around the waist and others prefer to wear it over the chest. I personally like both very much. I usually wear them around my chest, however. But I create a lot of cool looks with my bum bags and spice up my looks with them.

Question 3: Which bum bag suits me?

I think that's a very personal question. Everyone knows their taste and style. Some like it colorful and flashy, with lots of patterns and material mixes. Others only like one particular material. Some like large bum bags, some very narrow and small bum bags. So I think you can find out for yourself which one suits you.

Personally, I love simple, cool and high-quality designs made from vegan materials. That’s what the designs that I have on offer here in the shop. This is my taste. hihi

Question 4: Which bum bag is trendy?

I don't think I can answer that and there are no specific bum bags that are popular. There are so many different models and everyone simply chooses the one that suits them.

Question 5: Where can I find bum bags?

That is a very simple question. Just enter `bum bags` on Google. Then a lot of bum bags and pages and shops are suggested to you. I also think that there is at least one bum bag in every shop. Usually several.

Question 6: Which are the coolest bum bags?

I think everyone judges that for themselves, because everyone has their own taste. Of course I would say that our bum bags are the coolest because I designed them, they look cool, are high quality and made from vegan leather. I think that's very cool. You know best which one is the coolest for you.

So that's it today with the topic of bum bags.

A lot of love for you


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