The perfect closure for your cardigan

You probably know that too. You have a lot of nice cardigans in your closet and most of them have no buttons / clasps.

Often you want to be able to close the cardigan because you want to create a certain look, it's cold or you want to have your cell phone free.

I know that so well. This is why I designed the mini-belts because I was looking for a solution to this problem and couldn't find anything. My mother had an old clip made of old rubber and used it to close her clothes, gather them, make them fit, etc.

When I found hers in her jewelry box, I knew immediately that this accessory was the solution to my problem.

Since I am a designer, I of course tinkered with the style a bit and developed a stylish collection of blouse clips, cardigan clips and sweater clips. I call my models Mini-Belt.

Since then I have been creating beautiful looks with my mini-belts every day.

I close my cardigans in such a beautiful and stylish way and when I'm cold outside, I quickly close my jacket again with a belt. When I have two jackets on top of each other, I close the lower one tightly with my mini belt.

There are no limits to your imagination.

So many different looks can be created from one cardigan with the mini-belt.

And what's also so nice is that you don't have to keep buying new cardigans or other items of clothing when you can keep creating new looks. You don't have to go to a bespoke tailor or alteration tailor. You are your own designer.

I am so happy with the solution and the development of the mini-belts.

You can get more inspiration in the shop or on Instagram.

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