The way back to the original wound

The only way to remember who we are, to shape our lives the way we want, to gain health and the feeling of security, is to reconnect fully with our core being. There is only one way to get there: We have to become aware of our inner images and release the frozen psychic time conglomerates that attach to them so that we can get to the source of all images, to our original wound. To do this, we have to overcome our immune system and with it all the negative feelings and layers of imagined pain that overlap the original wound.

If we get this wound, our whole life will change.

We can heal ourselves and all of our lives. That is the transformation process.

There are many techniques to get at the original wound.

Two of them are regression and autosuggestion or specific postures.

Using these techniques, you can penetrate your original wound.

You can overcome your defenses by adopting the posture that you think will express your wound.

You find this posture by focusing your attention only on the important, emotional issues and pains in your current life and letting your body react to them.

This exercise works because the pain is connected to the frozen psychic time conglomerate through the similarity of its energy.

By intensifying the body's reactions and focusing the attention inward, the pain is expressed and becomes increasingly clear. The result is always a room full of injured people going through their pain. Their hidden and distorted postures testify to their pain. One may stand on one leg and the other leg and arms are twisted together. Many have their heads bowed, others are curled up like small children on the floor.

In this exercise it becomes clear that the pain of present life issues is indeed the same as the pain of previous experiences. When the present pain is expressed, the old pain is also released. To do this, you have to stay in the posture you have assumed, with the firm intention of going back further and further in time until you get to the original wound. You automatically regress, layer by layer, through the pain associated with the image they make of their wound. Although this pain is strong and fearful, it is basically an illusion because it is based on the illusion that is captured in the image.

Example: Joe feels devastated when his mother goes on vacation without him. But it's his feelings that destroy him, not the real situation.

As you penetrate more and more layers of the illusory pain that have formed around the original wound, you will eventually arrive at that wound. To your surprise, you find that the closer you get to it, the less the pain.

Once you get to your original wound, continue to hold the posture and approach another wounded person in the room.

All are wounded and all are the same. After the exercise is completed, you can exchange ideas. After doing this exercise, many found that their wound was not as bad as they thought. They found that most of the pain did not come from the original wound, but from defending against the original wound. Each time they resisted, they added more energy to the conglomerate of frozen psychic images, and each time the imaginary pain increased until they lost sight of what the real pain was.What was left was a terrible, unbearable pain

After this practice, a great many came to realize that they had wasted so many years warding off pain. The deep pain is self-deception.

This makes it clear that most of them decided very early on to turn away from the actual nature of their being and to live against it.

Every decision you made became an integral part of your defense system.

This insight leads to freedom and a completely new view of life.

Life becomes a constant challenge to be truthful and not to betray oneself. The greatest challenge in life is to stay connected to our core being and to express it, no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in.

This pain is not only borne by some - it exists in different degrees throughout humanity. Some people are more aware of the pain than others.

Source: light healing


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