Conglomerates of frozen psychological images

The pain we have repressed started in early childhood, often before birth in the womb. Whenever we have interrupted the flow of energy during a traumatic event, this event is energetically and temporally frozen. We call this a block in the auric field. Since the auric field consists of energy consciousness, a block is frozen energy consciousness. The part of our psyche in which the painful event took place is also frozen in the moment in which we have stopped the pain and remains until we release it from the rigidity again. It no longer takes part in the natural ripening process. If we were 1 year old at the painful event, this part of our psyche is still 1 year old. He does not get older and behaves like a 1 year old child when the same pain reappears in a different form. Only when the blockage is released through the supply of energy and the healing process is set in motion, this part can enter the maturation process.

We are full of such blocks of energy consciousness. How often do people really act out of their adult selves? Not very often I think so. Our interactions are constantly determined by the different psychological time blocks. In every intense interaction, those involved experience reality in an instant from the adult self and from the next point of view of the wounded child. This constant shift from one aspect of psychological awareness to another makes communication difficult.

An important aspect of this frozen psychic block of time is that they clump together when the quality of their energy is similar.

Take the example of abandonment. We imagine a middle-aged man named Joe. (He is a fictional character but his story is typical for many people. Using Joe I will illustrate what happens at birth and what can become more and more pronounced in further life. Each of us could be Joe.

Immediately after giving birth, Joe was separated from his mother because she was having great difficulty in labor and had to be anesthetized. He was separated again when he was 1 year old when his mother went to the hospital to have a second child. Because of these two experiences, the child who loves his mother very much expects to be abandoned by the people he loves very much. Every little experience of being abandoned later in life evokes the same devastating feeling in Joe as the first time.

From such deep traumatic experiences, the child draws conclusions that freeze into an image. Such a conclusion is based on experience - in this case the experience of abandonment. It is based on the logic of the child, which says: 'If I love, I will leave. <

The image formed from it colors all similar situations. Of course, one year old Joe is not aware that he has this image in his head. Rather, it unconsciously settles in its belief system and pervades its entire life. In the frame of reference of the psyche, these two earlier experiences are directly connected to the experience of ten-year-old Joe, who has the feeling of being abandoned when his mother goes on vacation without him. If something similar happens in Joe's life, then he reacts from the standpoint of his frozen image and not according to the real situation. Emotional reactions are triggered that are far exaggerated in the current situation.

These frozen images are the triggers for our behavior, which has a tendency to recreate similar trauma. Joe will most likely find himself in such a situation again where he is abandoned by a wife or girlfriend.His own behavior, controlled by his unconscious negative expectations, creates the situation. He treats his wife or girlfriend as if she wanted to leave him. Perhaps he is making excessive demands to ensure her love, or even accusing her of intending to leave him. This unconscious behavior will turn her against him and help make her feel driven away.

The truth behind this action is that Joe treats himself as if he deserves to be abandoned, that is, he has abandoned himself.

As we shall see, the effect of these frozen images cannot be overestimated. The key to the transformation process that leads to health and happiness can be found in them. We are full of such images to which our psychic blocks of time cling. There is a lot to clean up for each of us.

Frozen images with similar energy flow together and form a whole. This confuses someone who believes such experiences are as emotionally separated as they are over time. It's not like that. Each segment of a conglomerate of frozen psychic images consists of the energy consciousness frozen in a particular experience in the past.

Each of these smaller psychic time blocks is dissolved through healing work.

The additional energy that then flows into the auric field then automatically acts on other segments of the conglomerate because it consists of similar energy.

Let's go back to Joe. Joe experiences the dissolution of the individual time blocks as if the events of the past were happening again. He experiences pain that only began when he was thirty. As soon as this pain is released, he experiences himself as a ten year old. After all, the ten-year-old becomes a one-year-old.

When the parts of the human psyche that have not gone through the maturation of the rest of the personality are released, they enter into a very rapid maturation process. It can last a few minutes or two years, depending on how deep, how strong and how penetrating the frozen energy consciousness was.

If these energies flow back into the creative life process of an individual, then there will be great changes.

Joe's life is rearranged due to the new consciousness that is now at work in the creative process of shaping life. He will no longer leave himself with the unconscious intention that someone else should take care of him. Instead, he will be true to himself because he now believes that he is worth having a partner and that he is capable of partnership. When he has established this new relationship with himself, he will attract a new friend who does not have the energy of abandonment. The new relationship therefore has the prospect of stability. It can of course be that Joe still has to make a few attempts before he finds the right woman.


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