Past life pain

Much research has been done on 'past lives', both in the literature and through hypnotic regression. In this research it becomes clear that the source of most chronic psychological pain is past life experiences. A full account can be found in Rogers Woolger's book The Many Lives of the Soul. In his regression therapy, Dr. Woolger states that a client who has endured painful past life experiences becomes able to resolve similar circumstances in the present. Similar results have so far not been achieved in other types of therapy.

Past life experiences attach themselves to the conglomerates of frozen psychological images. They too attract each other through the relationship of their energies and connect. Time does not separate them from one another so that they have an indirect connection with events in this or previous life.

It takes more energy to break up a frozen block of time from a previous life because it has been around longer and is covered by more rubble, but it is possible. It happens automatically when a person is ready.

Observations of the human energy field in healing sessions have shown me that difficult-to-solve, chronic problems in the present can always be traced back to a traumatic event in previous lives. If the laying on of hands causes trauma from this life to some extent, then the trauma from an early life that is behind the problem will come out. This kind of curability causes profound changes in the client's life, but also in his physical condition. In this work, great emphasis is placed on the client's ability to relate his past life insights clearly to present situations so that the whole conglomerate can be resolved instead of becoming a strategy of avoiding current problems.

Source: light healing

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