Carry your cell phone safely-in style-real, but vegan. Our mobile phone cases / mobile phone shoulder bags with style.

A cell phone case is a must-have to protect our cell phone.

You have probably asked yourself many times how you can carry your phone with you in a practical and stylish way at the same time.

When I'm out and about with friends and want to have fun, I don't like to have a large bag with me. I want it to be light, but it should also match my look.

A cell phone case / cell phone pocket to hang around where everything fits what I need has been a perfect solution for me.

It is of course all the more beautiful when you can practically hang the mobile phone case around and it also looks very nice and stylish.

For this reason I designed our mobile phone shoulder bag / mobile phone pocket and carry it myself every day. I use it as a cell phone pocket or as a small shoulder bag without a cell phone.

We use very beautiful, high-quality, vegan leather for our mobile phone cases so as not to use animal skin.

They are available in different combinations ....

We hope you feel just as good wearing one of our cell phone cases.

They were made with a lot of love for you in Hamburg.

Lots of love


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