Why I founded a social project as the designer of KHATERA ACCESSORIES.

Hello everyone, nice that you are on my blog. I'm very pleased.

I'll tell you why I founded this project ´TRUE HEALING´ as a designer with KHATERA ACCESSORIES and my story.

My name is Khatera Ali and I am a fashion designer by profession. My own résumé led me to start this project. For me it started when I was born. I was born on a very unpleasant escape of my parents from Afghanistan to Germany, in Pakistan in a not very nice hospital in Pakistan. The conditions there were so bad that my father simply took us with him and fled to Germany. I already experienced the fears they had to endure in the womb and of course that also affected me. I always had a lot of fears, although on the other hand I was very strong-willed, which is also the reason why I was able to leave everything that happened to me in my life after a long journey in search of healing. Unfortunately, it took a long time because my life was paved with a few blows of fate. I was fortunate that, very early on, I had the dream of becoming a fashion designer. The dream was so big that no matter what got in my way, I couldn't stop pursuing my dream. I was very ambitious. A great ordeal started when I was 20 years old and my first big love relationship broke up in a traumatic way. I'm not going into that because I don't want to approach anyone who was involved. The shock was soooooo big and painful that it froze in me. Afterwards I was paralyzed, never present. Every day was hard and I had the energy of a dead man. It was like lugging a ton of load around with me every day. There was no trace of lightness. My life was just a struggle. Every day. Once, when I was having an energy flow massage, the woman said to me that I have the energy of a dead person and she doesn't know how I got there in the first place. This is my everyday life. This is how I went through life and so that I can fill the emptiness created by the loss of my relationship, I ate. I developed an eating disorder that I wasn't under control for 4 years. I ate so much that nothing more could fit in. I didn't have bulimia, I had bincheating, which is why I was getting fat and fat, which was also a burden because I was always slim. My day consisted of just eating and running to exercise and crying because I didn't know how to get out of there. It was hell .... But there was still my dream. I really wanted to be a designer. I've been very creative and I've always changed my clothes. I loved doing my own designs. I always got up in the morning with tearful eyes and looked at my tailors' mannequins. I always said to myself: Khatera you have a dream, get up and do your thing. It was of course always an act with the energy of the dead, an eating disorder, depression and a lot of pain. I was 23 or 24 years old at the time and had already graduated from high school. Studied law for a semester because dad thought it was great. But I knew that I wanted to be a designer and dropped out of college. I then looked for a place to train as a tailor because I wanted to learn the trade first. My father totally despised it and said that every farmer in Afghanistan is a tailor and why his daughter wants to train as a tailor after graduating from high school. I followed it anyway and then found a place. Torrox on Eppendorfer Landstrasse. A bridal shop.They liked me and after a 4 week trial period I got an acceptance I was very grateful. Unfortunately I still had my problems. I had a severe eating disorder and was unstable. I ate so much after work that afterwards I ran crying for 2 hours to exercise. Of course, they quickly noticed during my training that I wasn't stable. I couldn't concentrate at all. I always felt dizzy and sewed slowly. After 4 more weeks they kicked me out. I wasn't a good worker. I was devastated because I needed this training for my studies. Then I went home and just cried. It was just so difficult. Incidentally, I never spoke to my parents about my problems. They didn't know about my eating disorder. I wanted to spare them that because I knew it would have ruined my mother. She loved us very much. The next morning I looked at my tailor's mannequins again and said to myself: Khatera, you have a dream, get up.

I then looked again for places to train as a tailor and actually had an interview with Ms. Averhoff a week later. I introduced myself and did a rehearsal. She thought my job was good and she really liked me too. I got the place. Little did I know at the time that she was going to drill us and that she was very, very strict. We sewed for different designers and that's how I learned everything there. Everything I would never have learned in the bridal shop. So the first sack was my luck. I had to get up at 4:30 am every morning and drive there. It started at 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. After work, until I got home, I checked every bakery to find out that I already had stitches in my head.

Then I only cried because I knew that if I wasn't going to exercise, I would get fat and fat. I had already put on a lot. So then I went to the sport. It went like this every day. Of course, I couldn't keep up the workload and then it started with this training too that I couldn't concentrate, got slow and often had nosebleeds. I was there in my second year of apprenticeship and had to do two and a half years because I had my Abitur. Frau Averhoff didn't do it at all when you were sick and not focused. At one point she just yelled at and bullied me. My sister often had to pick me up because I had nosebleeds. Mrs. Averhoff made my life difficult every day. If I hadn't had such a strong dream of becoming a designer, I would have broken off a long time ago, which a colleague there did. I just saw my degree and held out for so long. Before the final exam, I was sick and Ms. Averhoff thought I would not come to the exam. She knew my condition. Of course I appeared and hidden everything and just sewed it.

You won't believe me, but I passed the best exam of all. Haha

That was the real khatera without her trauma. I knew my talent. Mrs. Averhoff was so taken aback when she gave me my testimony. I just smiled at her and thanked her for everything and went with my sister. Now I had my training under my belt. But the problems were still there. I started therapy, talk therapy. Do blah blah once a week. He always just looked at me. I talked, cried and answered my questions myself. That absolutely did not solve my problems. At some point I told him that it wouldn't do me any good if he just looked at me and never said . I finished therapy. So pointless to me ...

I then started a course in clothing cutting.Clothing cut technique I did that in a trance, too, with the same problems.

I found it very difficult to concentrate, but I knew I needed this knowledge. So I pulled myself together and also finished this training. It lasted 1 year and Ms. Averhoff was on the examination board. That was very funny, because my exam was good again. After this training, I knew even then that I wanted to have my own label. I always wanted to do my own designs. I once met my teacher from the pattern training and she asked me what I would like to do. I then told her that I would like to have my own label. She just looked at me and said, it's super difficult. Hardly anyone can do that. She also knew my condition. I told her back then that I would find my way ... But I still had a lot to do. I had to find a way to heal. I then did singing bowl therapy. That was good but did not cure anything.

I've read a lot on these topics and applied some of them, but I couldn't figure out how to resolve it. But I never stopped looking. I met a boy. Senol. We started to meet and got along very well. We had so much fun that I soon got over my eating disorder. I felt so good when we were together that I forgot to eat. The eating disorder never came back. As a couple it shouldn't be and so our ways parted again. Nevertheless, I was still severely traumatized, blocked and not in my strength. Then I wanted to start my own label and did a preparatory course. With my business plan, I received a start-up grant and had a studio in the Frappant. An artist house. I then started to work on collections and let off steam a bit creatively. I then had my first fashion show with two other designers in the Brandshof. It was very beautiful. I had my products in a couple of stores and they were very well received. I still had the energy of a dead person, that means everything was very exhausting. I made headway and then stopped again. Then I have more to do with my health again. It was always back and forth. I still worked on the side, that's why it worked. So it went on for 1-2 years. I got stuck because I just had no strength. It splashed to itself.

Today I know how important your life energy is for your success. I didn't know anything about it at the time. Then came the next drama. My parents both got seriously ill and it just got worse. They need a lot of help and care. We are 5 children and we took turns as far as possible. Until both had to be looked after non-stop. We would never have given them to a home. I registered my label as dormant and with my siblings I looked after my parents around the clock, even at night. I didn't want it to be true that my parents were going to die. I loved her dearly and my mother soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooared that the idea of ​​leaving killed me inside.

My mother kept getting worse and my father was on very strong painkillers because his back was no longer pain-free. It was always said that her mother could die any day. I was paralyzed again and just couldn't believe it. But things turned out differently at first. I was just a waiter and then got a call from my sister at work in the morning. Come home, papa is dead. I couldn't believe it and I ran around and and then almost passed out and took a taxi home. And there he was, my father dead in his bed at home.He fell asleep forever at night. My whole life just felt like a bad dream, a very bad dream. And again I was paralyzed. And in the living room my terminally ill mother was lying in her sick bed and just found out that her husband had passed away. Nothing in life could shock me anymore, but the next shock came 3 months later. My beloved mother also passed away. That finished off my heart. My heart was completely broken. My mother was everything to me. She was pure love and a kind-hearted person who has always thought of others and always money to Afghanistan

sent. Her heart was huge. An absolute role model. I just wanted to fall asleep and go too. After my parents. I then went to a psychological counseling in a practice with psychologists. It was my turn, told him what happened. he just said that I was going to have a very difficult time and prescribed antidepressants. Then he was about to send me away. That’s it. Nice money made with the company and the next one. I then said that when my mother woke up from it I would like to swallow it, otherwise I don't know why I should take it and I left. When I found out that my younger brother was having the same thoughts, I had to take care of my brother.

I didn't leave his side and stayed with him. When I was able to think clearly again, I knew that I wanted to rebuild my label. I had promised my mother in the hospital that she wouldn't have to worry about me and that I would do it no matter what. I shared this with my partner at the time, with whom I wasn't long with. He came from Blankenese and from a rich environment. His friends scared him that I just wanted to take advantage of him and why I wasn't paying rent. My parents had just passed away. When I told him over dinner that I wanted to start my label again, he said to me: Find an office job. You can't do that with your label anyway. My mother also worked her way up in the office. Because of the death of my parents I couldn't feel anything anyway, so I just sat there paralyzed and asked him to drive me to my brother's. I just said that I just buried my father and mother and I definitely wouldn't let him tell me what I can and can't do in life. I got out and broke up.

I stayed with my sister for a short time until I moved into my own apartment. It took me a while to come to terms with my parents' death. I had a lot of physical complaints. Inflammation of the stomach lining 7 months, migraines and I cried a lot because I found it hard to bear this heartache. I also had symptoms of a heart attack once before heartache, so I came to a small private clinic, where the doctor talked to me for 1 hour. She had also recently lost her husband and gave me tips. I was very grateful to her.

Then I slowly started thinking about the design of my label again, worked and continued to deal with the topic of healing. Then by chance I met the son of a Russian healer. It was then that I heard about energy channels and inner light and healing with light and so on for the first time. I told him everything and that I want to rebuild the label. He says to me that money is energy and how do I want to attract money with the energy of a dead person? I didn't understand any of this at the time. Now I know a lot about energies and frequencies and I know very well how this is related. That was the beginning for me in this r matter.His mother taught me a lot and I was already working with my inner light back then. After that, I went to a family constellation through another friend and went back with him to the situation with my ex at the time. He saw that I had a knot in my heart and that I couldn't feel anything. The pain then closed my heart. After the installation, the knot was gone. I could feel again and I was feeling much better. I then dealt with the topic a lot and learned more and more. But not everything was healed by a long way. With me there would be a lot of issues, attachments, karma, blockages etc ..... I still had a lot to do. But I kept looking. Then I met a woman who makes frequency adjustments. I didn't know exactly what that was, but I knew I had to do it. She had also cured the son of an acquaintance who could no longer breathe through his nose. Today I know that we all have a frequency. The higher your frequency the better and the lower the worse. It's had an incredible impact on your life and I didn't know it. She set my frequency correctly with her hands. The difference in how you feel at a high frequency is incredible. All of a sudden I was so light, happy and happy out of nothing. Other people noticed me because high frequency attracts high frequency. I was so grateful to her. Unfortunately, after a short time, I kept falling out of this frequency and had to go back to her. She always noticed it straight away and said that I hadn't breathed deeply again and that my thoughts also have a great influence on my frequency. I had to go there a few times. Today I connect to the energy every day and know how to keep the frequency and become a channel for the energy. Several factors play a role here. How important the frequency actually is, I only now know after an intensive study of this matter and daily practice for years. I then kept working on myself and reading one book after the other, taking courses and seminars and starting my label all over again with a new logo and new corporate design. New range etc ... I was very happy about it, but something was still trapped in me. I just got stuck. I wasn't completely free, but I couldn't solve this on my own. During that time I took part in the Social Innovation Challenge because I wanted to get involved socially with my label. My concept was very well received and they continued to accompany me and we had my accessories made by refugee and handicapped women at Bridge & Tunnel. I was very happy with my path, but I still felt these shackles in me that didn't let me live completely free. I fought and did but something was still not resolved in me that tied me up. I even said to my friend Nadine on the phone that I no longer want to live like this. Always this fight against something and never be easy and free. I was just broken after all these years of suffering and struggle, but my dream of being a designer kept me going. That was my life, my baby. Of course, I couldn't have a healthy partnership because I was too busy with myself. Not too long later I found a hypnotherapist on the Internet. Verena Istel on Winterthuder Weg. I knew I had to go there. An inner voice told me. I made an appointment for a chakra massage but had hypnosis in the back of my mind. Then I went to her and sat down and told her about my bonds and everything. I just cried and said I just want to live. Just like everyone else, normal life and be happy but my bonds do not let me be free.We then immediately made the appointment for the hypnosis. I knew immediately that you had to do it. I then prepared myself for the hypnosis with an audio from her and then I went to see her 3 weeks later, on June 28th, 2018. It started 2 1/2 hours of hypnosis. She is back with me to my birth, doing forgiveness work with me and asking for certain things from the universe or God. Suddenly there was a cold shiver under my feet and through the door with a bang. I was scared in hypnosis. The door slammed with all its might even though all the windows were closed and there was no draft from outside. At some point she took me back and asked me if I heard that. She said my negative attachments left me through the door. I felt good, but the extent became clear to me after 1-2 weeks. God answered my requests to be allowed to live and rewarded me with one, I'll just say it. After this hypnosis I was a different person. I lit up from within, I had an incredibly strong basic trust, I was so strongly aware of all the plants. I felt connected to everything, felt strong love, and was full of peace and gratitude. I have reached my higher consciousness and have seen things differently and from an observer perspective. I actually perceived myself as divine or on another level. I had no fears and was in soooo strong basic trust. From there the journey started. To this day I am learning every day, every day, everything I can get my hands on about healing and personal development. 40 books, audio books, podcasts, YouTube videos, seminars, spiritual healer training ........ It doesn't stop. It attracts me magically and I learn and learn because I find it so incredibly valuable to know how healing works on a deep level and everything you can know about it. It is a very intensive study that I will pursue for the rest of my life. I will never stop learning again. Verena Istel confessed to me after my transformation that she didn't think I would make it when I was there for the first appointment. She said she also perceived the energy of a dead person and saw how broken I was. She thought pretty girl but sooooo broken. But I never gave up and I made it. Meanwhile I enrich soooo many people, have healing successes and heal myself again and again .. I'm just so infinitely grateful that I was finally freed at the age of 36. 16 years was tied up and didn't know how to get out of it. And that's exactly why I founded ´truehealing´, because I know that there are so many people out there who have the same struggle as I did back then and unfortunately some people slide down because they cannot withstand the whole thing for so long. I am very grateful for my willpower and for my dream to become a designer. That made me get through everything and didn't let me take drugs or anything like that. With my social project I want to bring as much healing as possible into the world and give traumatized people a guide and show possibilities with different methods. I would also like to work with children in the project and let them feel their hearts again. I link the project to my fashion label, which I owe my life to, because without this dream I don't know whether I would have survived these 16 years without slipping into an addiction. I love my label and my project with all my heart and everything I design, I do with deep love and gratitude and hope to please my customers with my designs. Dear God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my second birthday and I promise I will give as much healing to the world as I can ............ THANK YOU


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