Cardigan Clip ´Nabi'
Cardigan Clip ´Nabi'
Cardigan Clip ´Nabi '
Cardigan clip 'Nabi' / blouse clip / sweater clip / fastener for jackets / sweater clip

Cardigan clip 'Nabi' / blouse clip / sweater clip / fastener for jackets / sweater clip

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The Mini-Belt 'Nabi' (clothing lashing) is a very versatile and practical accessory. Also called cardigan clip or sweater clip. Reinvent your clothes with just one belt and conjure up your own completely unique looks.

The Cardigan Clip can be used in many ways: You can use it to gather, re-style, adjust, emphasize certain areas, make them suitable, and not to forget to use as an excellent closure means. Create your own bespoke look without going to a bespoke tailor.

Jackets, blazers, cardigans, kimonos ... can be closed in a very nice way while conjuring up the desired silhouette. The mini belts can be used for all items of clothing. Let your imagination run wild!

Instead of constantly running to the tailor, use a mini-belt and make your clothes fit again and again.

The best thing about this accessory is that you don't have to keep buying new items of clothing, because you can use the mini belt to style and reinvent all items of clothing over and over again. SUSTAINABILITY and waste is strongly encouraged.

This model is 6 cm long and 2 cm wide.

The Mini-Belt is handcrafted with love in Hamburg.

With the purchase of this product, 15% of the sales go to our social project ˋTRUE HEALING ´ which strongly supports the healing of traumatized refugees and locals.

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It is my vision and I hope I can bring healing to as many people as possible ..... I have come a long way to healing myself and would now like to pass on my knowledge and help others.

Let Love win ❤️