Taillengürtel ´Pati`/ rayal blau
Taillengürtel ´Pati`/ royal blau
Taillengürtel ´Pati`/ royal blau

Waist belt ´Pati`

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The waist belt ´Pati` is a blue elastic belt with a blue leather front. The belt is very supple and sits soft on the skin. It embellishes every outfit, conjures up a beautiful silhouette and is an absolute eye-catcher.

With the purchase of this belt, 15% of the sales flow into our social project 'True Healing' which supports the healing of traumatized refugees, locals and children.

You can follow my project:

Instagram : khatera_accessories and true_healing_khatera

Website: truehealing-khatera.de

It is my vision and I hope I can bring healing to as many people as possible ..... I have come a long way to healing myself and would now like to pass on my knowledge and help others.

Let Love win ❤️