The consciousness of money, ways from the spiritual to the material

Today I share with you what I think is a very important topic in relation to healing. Since stress is the main cause of illness and the issue of money causes stress in a great many people, the issue of money is very important.

A good money awareness thus reduces stress and this prevents illness.

Money is energy . The son of a Russian healer once explained this to me 7 years ago. I knew him and I told him I wasn't successful and I didn't make a lot of money. At this point I was still very traumatized and, as a woman told me during the energy flow massage, I had the energy of a dead person. I had zero life energy. I didn't understand the connection at the time. He said to me at the time, how would you like to draw money into your life when you have the energy of the dead. I then asked what one has to do with the other. Then he said to me: Khatera, money is energy !!!

If you have no energy, then no money (energy) can flow to you.

I just looked at it and couldn't do anything with it until my healing, where I learned a lot about energy flow afterwards.

So when we buy something, we buy energy .

Whether goods, services or knowledge, everything is a form of energy.

Buying is always an exchange of energy.

In order for this exchange to run equally and harmoniously, the system of evaluation has become established over time.

Everything for sale was given a corresponding equivalent form of a monetary prize .

Money as an exchange value was thus invented.

It used to be gold and today it is banknotes, coins, or just digital values ​​that are transferred from one account to another.

However, the corresponding energy or the corresponding value must actually be available.

There is no money without energy.

Money is stored energy.

All commercial values ​​that other people offer in the form of goods, services and knowledge can thus be offset with money. This gives us access to these products.

With a purchase, therefore, neither energy is lost and no energy is added. There is simply an exchange of energy.

Of course there are Schlaviners who try to get more energy than to give.

That can happen with bargaining, bargain hunting, or theft.

In the long run, you create an imbalance in your energy budget, which is neutralized from time to time by the natural law of balance.

This usually happens through a loss, theft or a bad purchase.

Giving is more blessed than receiving

Life and the laws of nature love it when we give more than we take.

If we always give a little more than we take, we create a balance in us, which is then balanced out again with gifts, bonuses and other attentions when the opportunity arises.

If we have now consciously understood the context and it becomes clear to us that money is neutral and is only a symbol for stored energy, we will also improve our awareness of money a lot.

Every consciousness on every topic is related to our thinking, our ideas, our habits, our experiences and our mental patterns.

As of today, let's just look at money as energy. We wish for a lot of energy, a lot of positive energy, so that all inhibiting mental patterns can be neutralized and we can always earn good money from today.

Let's learn to love the energy of money value - to love money

It is best if we love money as exchange energy, because everything we love

likes to come and stay with us

In this way we develop a strong, good, powerful awareness of money, which leads to the fact that we also have more and more energy available to attract prosperity.

Let's not learn to hoard the money

Energy wants to flow, just like water, because only then does it remain filled with life force.

For this reason it is also very important not to hoard money for fear of losing it. Let's work with our money.

Let's invest our money in good projects, let's buy and sell valuable, beautiful, healthy and noble things, goods and services ... That is pure life in perfection.

Of course we can and should build up reserves and assets.

A harmonious, equal inflow and outflow keeps the entire energy system healthy and vital.

Thus, in principle, all people could live in prosperity and abundance.

The awareness of money must always be cultivated ....

I hope I was able to bring the money issue a little closer.

I also learned this knowledge from spiritual healer Burkhard during my training.

Many warm greetings

Your khatera



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