The higher self

Of course, our entire psyche is not separated from the core during the maturation process. Part of us is clear and loving with no internal struggle. It is directly connected to our individual divinity within. It is a connection with great creative power. This part of us, the higher self, enables all the good that happens in our life. It hasn't forgotten who we are.

Whenever you experience peace, joy, fulfillment in your life, then the higher self has expressed itself through the creative principle.

If you're wondering what is meant when talking about the 'true self' or 'being who you really are', consider this moment in your life. You are an expression of your true self.

Never see the negative areas of your life as expressions of your true self.

Negative areas express what you are not.

They are examples of how you have blocked the expression of your true self.

The intention of the higher self is truth, community, respect, individuality, clear self-awareness and oneness with the Creator.

Source: light healing

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