The importance of intentions

The main difference between the higher self, the lower self and the mask lies in their respective intentions and in their quality of energy that is expressed in interactions and is the result of the underlying intention. What makes a lot of human interactions so confusing is that they differ depending on the intention behind them.

Our utterances can emanate from any of the three centers of intention.

From the higher self, the lower self or the mask. Words can mean something different from what they say. The higher self is serious when it says, 'We are friends. We are friends as long as I am, as long as I am the good one, and you must never question the illusion that I am the good one.

The lower self says,> We are friends as long as I let it. In addition, watch out! Don't get too close to me because I'll use you to get what I want and to avoid my pain. If you get too close to me or my pain, or if you want to keep me from getting what I want, then I'll kill you.

(Killing here means everything the lower self needs to assert itself.

It can mean stop talking to the other, get the upper hand in a discussion or power game, or it can actually go as far as murder. )

Source: light healing

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