Simple ways to increase your vibration

Here in this post I am listing a few ways that you can raise your vibration. Our vibration is very important because it affects what you draw into your life. Every thought has a vibration, our emotions have a vibration. That means what you THINK, what you FEEL and what you DO has a direct and immediate influence on you and your vibration.

You can recognize a person's inner constitution by the vibration.

People with a high vibration go through life positively and confidently. They are grateful for what they have and take on the hurdles of life.

Negative thinking people who complain all day and always complain about everything and see many problems go through life with a low vibration and accordingly draw a lot of negative things into their lives.

You can increase your vibration in a number of ways. It is also about looking at life from an open, wide awareness.

People with a low vibration often think narrow-minded, are not open to new things and have a firm point of view about things, although they do not achieve anything with it. This resistance to new things creates suffering and only more frustration and further problems. It then continues downhill.

In order to be happy, however, it must go up into a high vibration

to reach. This is associated with happiness, fulfillment and love.

Everything is energy and in motion. Positive energy is high in vibration and negative energy is low.

We are vibrating energy consciousness and have our experiences on earth.

The way we think, act, our beliefs, ideas and attitudes is reflected in our vibration.

How you can increase your vibration:

All aspects of your being affect your vibration.

Raising your vibration is a holistic process in which body, mind and spirit must be balanced.

Now various points that have helped me and still help to increase my vibration.

1. Meditation / mindfulness

A conscious life is very important for your personal and spiritual development. Without an open awareness behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions, nothing really will change. When you have recognized the power of the NOW and live in the here and now, your vibration can rise and develop its power.

If we go through the day mindfully, we can cross boundaries and broaden our horizons.

We learn to accept life as it is. By accepting our life without resistance, a high vibration arises, because we feel a satisfaction.

Meditation is a wonderful way of turning inward.

I feel so connected to myself in meditation. Feel such a great love and satisfaction and feel how the energy becomes sooo strong. Sometimes I really float and merge with my being without noticing the body anymore. There are many different ways to meditate. I very often do guided meditations on various topics that I want to work on. I have often done inner child healing, chakra meditations, light meditations, healing meditations, karma relief etc ...

It is best to do what is best for you at the moment.

You can find everything on YouTube. There are also meditation apps.

2. Be creative / be a creator

Creativity is a very important part in our life and we are always creative, because we always create our own life. We are all creative beings.

We are the creators of our reality and when we are aware of this and we use this potential we swing very high.

The stronger we are connected with our true self, the higher we vibrate. Creativity connects us with our creative potential and makes visible how powerful we are. I love being creative so much. My job as a designer allows me to live out my creativity.

There are different things you can do to be creative.

You can sing, design, paint, write, read, dance ... whatever you can think of.

Be inspired and bring things into the world ..

You can also be creative in all other things. When thinking, for example ...

3. Follow your heart

The energy that comes out of our heart has the highest frequency. She is very powerful. So if you do things that come from your heart, that are a longing of your heart, you are in the highest vibration.

However, if you defend yourself against the things your heart yearns for, it will drag you down tremendously. Listen to the voice of your heart.

Trust your intuition. Have confidence that your higher self has a more all-encompassing view than your self. You just have to let yourself be guided.

Then you still need courage to put this inner call into practice.

You don't have to understand this on an intellectual basis. Have faith.

You can also strengthen your basic trust when you activate your root chakra. (More on the topic of chakras)

Your soul / your higher self knows best what is good for you.

You always have access to this information even if you are not always aware of it.

Listen to your intuitive impulses and follow them !!!

I also perceived my True Healing project through my intuition.

I just felt it and without being afraid, I am this impulse

followed and have already been able to help so many people.

Listen to your heart, the heart is your best advisor and has a very big one

magnetic field.

4. Love

Love ......

Pure love has a very strong, transforming power. It can transform negative into good and has the highest frequency. Love is the core of our existence. The middle-point.

You are already in a naturally high vibration when you love what you do. When you love people the way they are without any intention.

If this is not the case with you, then you should reflect on the positive things in your life so that you come to love and gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life? What brings you joy What gives you hope Focus on these things and keep your focus there. Your vibration will adjust and increase.

You cannot escape or push away negative feelings such as fear, envy, hate, doubt or other negative feelings. However, they can change if you focus on and focus on other positive feelings. Your vibration will adjust to the higher vibration of these emotions.

I notice that I feel love all day long, because I feel very connected to all people, animals and nature. We are all one and connected to one another. So I don't have any unfounded negative feelings towards someone, because I feel connected to all people and what I wish for, I also wish for them.

5. Being in nature a lot
Nature is so beneficial for us because it brings us closer to our origins.
It has a high vibration and we adapt to its vibration.
This is why we feel so good in nature. A short stay in nature can already make a big difference.Our vibration is not separated from the outside world. For this reason, our environment has a great influence on us.
6. Physical movement Our vibration is made up of different aspects of our being. The body also plays an important role. A balance of body, mind and soul is necessary.
Physical activity plays an important role in keeping our body balanced. In addition, we build a connection to our body through exercise and are body conscious.
However, it is very important that you enjoy what you do and enjoy doing it. Only then does your vibration increase because you feel good about it.
7. Healthy Diet The foods we use to nourish our bodies are very important.
From an energetic standpoint, eating is more than just a physical necessity. With what we ingest, we absorb certain energies and vibrations into our holistic system.
Our body knows exactly what is good for it and what it needs.
Learn to listen to it intuitively ....
Maintain energy level
If you want to increase your vibration, it is important not to waste your energy in all directions. Bundle your energy and send it towards your goals and the things that are important to you.
Transform energy
In order to be able to do this, it is important to find out what is robbing you of energy.
What are your energy vampires? It can be many different things.
People, addictions, habits, false beliefs, places.
You should recognize and avoid your energy vampires.
Send your energy towards what feels good in the heart and stomach.
If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact me or write me a comment.
I hope I was able to help you with this post.
Kind regards
Your Khatera


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