Realize your own worth

I've wanted to be someone all my life. I wanted to be successful. Create something, create something to be valued.

I wanted to be valuable and get recognition for my work.

I think most of my father, because you were only valuable to him,

When you have achieved something. If you were a doctor or a lawyer.

I always looked for this recognition from him, which I didn't get for my fashion design. I've tried so hard, given up, toiled and forgotten my life on the side because I have no time for life. I had to achieve something. During this time I was not successful financially. I was mentally in need the whole time. Back then I had no idea about the power of thoughts.

Thinking about shortages? What is it. How should I see and feel myself at the goal before I have reached it? Operate from the goal, from abundance. I didn't know any of that.

Then my parents died and suddenly the man was gone, to whom I wanted to prove something all the time. To whom I wanted to prove what I can do and that I am also valuable. He was no longer there.

Suddenly I didn't have to prove anything to anyone. Ok, society wanted to prove to me that I can do something.

In the whole process of mourning my parents, I became aware of one thing for which I am very grateful.

I am very valuable right now, right now.

I just had nothing more to do, because I had reported my label to dormant to look after my parents. Now they were dead.

I still had my waiter job and just had a breakup.

And yet I realized how valuable I am and that I am always valuable in every moment of my life, regardless of whether I am successful or not. Life always has ups and downs but that doesn't change my worth. Since I became aware of this, a peaceful, loving journey to my dreams began. I restarted my label, learned, read, trained myself and designed new products every day. Founded my social project. Everything from the bottom of my heart, because that is me and that is my path and my contribution to society. My love for all people because we are all one. I'm not doing this to prove anything to anyone. I just follow my heart and my passion and that is so extremely beautiful and easy the feeling.

And suddenly doors open and everything falls into place, because I am not creating out of a lack of thinking, because I have not achieved this and that, but out of deep gratitude to have received these opportunities and talents and to feel what mine is Task in the world is. I am a passionate designer and with my social project I want to bring as much healing to the world as I can and inspire people to listen to their hearts and to go the way they want to go and to know that no matter where they are, they are very precious, love and a miracle. THANK YOU

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