Negative lust and the low self

You can surely remember a negative act that gave you pleasure. Every movement of energy, be it positive or negative, is pleasurable, simply because it releases pent-up energy.

The beginning of the energy movement can be painful, but it will always be followed by pleasure, because with the discharge of the pain, the creative power is also set free, and that is always pleasurable.

Negative pleasure originates in our lower selves. Our lowest selves is the part of us that has forgotten who we are. It is the part of our psyche that believes in a separate, negative world and acts accordingly.

The negative self does not deny negativity, it enjoys it. It seeks negative pleasure. Since the lower self, unlike the mask, does not deny negativity, it is more honest than the mask self. The lower self admits its negative intention. It doesn't sell as nice. It's not nice. It recklessly puts itself first. It says, 'I am important to me, you are not important to me'.

It cannot take itself and the other important because it lives in separation. They enjoy negative lust and want more of it. It knows the pain in the personality, but it has absolutely no intention of feeling that pain.

The purpose of the lower self is to maintain camouflage, do whatever it wants and not feel pain.

Source: light healing

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