Tap into creative healing energies

Everyone can learn to tap into this deep inner source. It takes practice to voluntarily release the creative energies. It is more about removing inner obstacles than drawing up creative energies. When the obstacles are removed, creativity gushes out of the depths like an artesian well. Every artist knows the struggle to overcome the blocking of creative power. Once it is out of the way, the creative work of the painter or poet flows as if by itself. Scientists who are looking for a solution to a problem experience the same. The rational mind struggles but fails.

After a deep sleep, dreaming, and some right brain activity, the answer is suddenly there. The creative power was released through an inner process of letting go. You no longer stand in the way of the flow of creative energy.

The creative power also breaks through in crises. In extreme situations we become heroes. Lift up a car that someone is lying under.

The release of this creative force brings us mastery in what we are doing. It makes us masters of our health and well-being.

Disease arises in many ways by blocking our creative energies.

Source: light healing

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