Our habitual defense system

The disruption of our energy field by our habitual defense system creates more illness and pain in our lives than any other cause. This avoidance attitude creates dysfunctions in our field, which then lead to illness in the body. Our inveterate defenses show up in the energy field as an energetic defense system, and we take refuge again and again. It is directly related to our mask self.

The more we manage to hold down pain and anger with our immune system, the more we hold back positive feelings. We get dull. Life is not going as we expected. It gets superficial and boring. Eros dies. We are trapped in habitual vicious circles and unable to bring to life what we yearn for. For this, the body also has to pay its tribute.

We are losing faith in life.

Because we habitually exclude pain, we detach ourselves from our core being. We forgot how it feels. We have forgotten our being. We forgot who we are. We have lost contact with our being energies with which we create our life. It is as if we expected our life to be the way we want it, without knowing who this "WE" is who wants it.

Source: light healing

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