Visualize and Imagine

Your imagination is the treasure trove of the universe. She brings to light all the precious jewels of her subconscious. (Music, art, poetry and inventiveness)
The fulfillment of your wishes depends on the intensity of your imagination, not on any external circumstances or facts.
You use your imagination, your power of imagination, when you create an inner picture or an idea of ​​something that is currently imperceptible to the external senses. That is why it is also said that a person with the power of imagination is able to see an oak tree, where someone who only relies on his five senses sees only an acorn.
Ask yourself:> What inner images do I currently see in my private and professional life? Do these ideas only serve my own good or do they also correspond to what is desirable for the people around me?
The inner images on which you concentrate inevitably condense into an outer, real life experience.
Pay attention to which images you allow entry into your subconscious.
If you are careless about this, you open the door to the thoughts and ideas of mass consciousness. Then your mind is flooded with the mostly negative, suspicious, greedy, restrictive and fearful images of the collective mass.
Your mental images and patterns manifest themselves through the love and emotional connection that you harbor for them. Any ideas or wishes that you feel to be true and emotionally significant are precisely realized by your subconscious.
You become what you love.
All experiences and events in your outer world are projections of your inner spiritual images. Once you have seen through this connection between your inner world of imagination and the outer world of effects, it becomes clear to you how you can fulfill your wishes.
Don't make the mistake of underestimating your imagination and believing that these are just unimportant fantasy images.
The power of imagination, says Napoleon, rules the world.
And Einstein wrote:> Imagination is stronger than knowledge. <
Nothing can be created that did not previously exist as an idea.
That is why the language of the imagination is the language of God.
At the beginning, the infinite intelligence brought everything in the universe into being through creative imagination:> God created man as his image. He created him in the image of God. He created them male and female.
The infinite intelligence created the world by imagining a sun, a moon, stars and all other things in the limitless cosmos. And all of their dreams came true. The infinite source becomes everything it imagines to be.
The same divine power of imagination also resides in you.
Whatever you perceive to be true will and must manifest itself even if the image that your five external senses convey to you seems to contradict it
If you compare consciousness with a camera, the subconscious corresponds to the film plate on which the images are recorded. Films are developed in the dark.
Accordingly, your mental images are also developed in the darkroom of your subconscious.
When you vividly imagine that a wish has come true and feel the excitement that goes with it, your subconscious will take care of everything else.
The imagination is one of the most powerful tools. It is the treasury of the infinite. Disciplined, controlled and directed imagination opens up the depths
for you
of your subconscious and can produce new inventions, discoveries, poems and musical compositions.
Scientists, visual artists, musicians, physicists, inventors, poets and writers will discover wonderful riches in the treasure trove of your imagination, which will bless mankind.
When the world says: >> That is impossible. Nobody can do that! <<, says the person with a high imagination it is already done !!!!! <<<<
Seeing yourself as wealthy and successful is just as easy - but far more interesting, fascinating and tempting - as focusing on poverty, hardship and failure. If you want to realize your desires, all you have to do is create a mental image of the desires fulfilled and keep imagining it. That is how they will manifest.
If you imagine your ideal to be real, it will one day become objective.
The master architect in you will project it onto the screen of the physical world.
Spiritual images, which you consciously accept as true, are imprinted in your subconscious and manifest themselves in your life. That was said by Dr. Hans Selye at the Institute for Experimental Medicine at the University of Montreal.
He was able to prove that the subconscious does not differentiate between stress states that are triggered by real external factors and those that are caused by imagined worries. Dr. Selye showed that the body of a person who is habitually preoccupied with worrying images produces excess hormones, which are responsible for numerous psychosomatic diseases. The subconscious never argues with you.
If you use your imagination in a negative way, by imagining undesirable developments and experiences, the corresponding consequences in your life will not fail to exist. You can also use your imagination constructively.
Then you get what you want in your life.
It always happens to you according to your belief.
As long as there is no image in the mind, it cannot move, because there is nothing towards which it could move. Your prayer, your spiritual act, must first be accepted as a spiritual image so that your subconscious can implement it creatively can.
With a disciplined, directed imagination you can override all supposed obstacles and barriers by imagining how things should be and recognizing the deep harmony that works in and behind all things.
Every image that you create in your consciousness becomes a reality, especially when it is charged with strong emotions. It is realized either through external or internal activity. It has to be realized. If you prevent it from realizing in the outside world, it will instead realize itself as mental, physical, or emotional disharmony in your body.
If you visualize your wish on a daily basis, there will come a moment when you no longer feel the urge to do so. This is the sure psychological sign that your wish is part of your flesh and blood. It has become an inner certainty. When it has become part of your subjective reality in this way, the need to pray for its realization disappears.

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