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Creative visualization

If you have the desire to make a certain thing appear in your life, you can do the following exercise and then try the meditation for attaining wealth and abundance. The first requirement in order to manifest something is to be clear about what you want to achieve. Next, write in ink the act or thing you want to put into action in your life. In this way the proposal is anchored both in the etheric realm and in the earthly world. Let it rest for 24 hours. In doing so, you are giving the energy the opportunity to swarm into space and develop enough penetrative power to attract the Law of Realization in your favor. After 24 hours burn...

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Visualize and Imagine

Your imagination is the treasure trove of the universe. She brings to light all the precious jewels of her subconscious. (Music, art, poetry and inventiveness) The fulfillment of your wishes depends on the intensity of your imagination, not on any external circumstances or facts. You use your imagination, your power of imagination, when you create an inner picture or an idea of ​​something that is currently imperceptible to the external senses. That is why it is also said that a person with the power of imagination is able to see an oak tree, where someone who only relies on his five senses sees only an acorn. Ask yourself:> What inner images do I currently see in my private and professional...

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