Creative visualization

If you have the desire to make a certain thing appear in your life, you can do the following exercise and then try the meditation for attaining wealth and abundance. The first requirement in order to manifest something is to be clear about what you want to achieve.
Next, write in ink the act or thing you want to put into action in your life. In this way the proposal is anchored both in the etheric realm and in the earthly world. Let it rest for 24 hours. In doing so, you are giving the energy the opportunity to swarm into space and develop enough penetrative power to attract the Law of Realization in your favor.
After 24 hours burn the sheet of paper with the note and say the following words.
´ My beloved magical I AM -presence, with the help of your mighty flame let my proposal become reality in the physical world. Now I am handing over this mandate to the threefold flame of my heart. `
Do not bind yourself to the exercise or the result. This ceremony is called ´Ritual of Completion`, because the burning process releases energy.
Then use this meditation
Meditation for abundance or manifestation
- Take a comfortable posture and close your eyes
-At the same time you get into the mood with breathing and light work.
-Visualize that you are standing on the top of a high mountain and have an overview of everything.
- Feel that the atmosphere is extremely charged with electrical and magnetic energy.
- Breathe them into you little by little. Feel that it permeates all cells.
- Feel yourself becoming more and more charged and stronger as you inhale this energized air.
- Breathe it in through the skin pores.
- As you breathe out, let love and gratitude for everything beautiful in your life flow into the atmosphere.
- Feel that you are sending love into the world.
- Keep breathing and feel empowered and strengthened with every inhalation.
- While breathing in, visualize that the things you want are being attracted by your electromagnetic force field and flowing gently into you with every breath.
- As you breathe out, send love and gratitude for the fulfillment of your request.
(If you want to receive something, you have to balance the energy by giving something back. When you radiate love energy into the world, it strengthens both the sender and the receiver.
Practice meditation for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.
If you manage to overcome the 2 manifestation blocks, you will see what happens in your life.
  1. Manifestation blockade: I cannot manifest, I do not believe in it
  2. Manifestation block: I don't deserve this.
I wish you every success and joy with it.

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