The power of imagination, of visualization

The imagination is one of the most important mental abilities.
If it is disciplined and consciously controlled, it enables us to
our ideas, dreams and heart's desires on the screen of the room to
Let a movie run in your mind's eye in the morning and in the evening.
If you have successfully transmitted the mental image to your subconscious,
you feel immediately: A feeling of peace and inner certainty arises.
It is an intuitive recognition.
Always imagine the happy outcome, the perfect solution to a problem.
Feel the excitement that success triggers in you. (Very important)
Then what you imagine and feel will be considered correct by your subconscious
accepted and realized.
When you imagine your goal clearly and distinctly, the miraculous power of their
Subconsciously provide you with everything that is necessary to achieve this goal.
Intellectual knowledge alone is not enough.
The truth that you have consciously accepted must be emotionally charged and really
are felt, otherwise the subconscious will not assimilate them.
What you wish for others, you always wish for yourself.
You become what you imagine and feel.
The ways of infinite intelligence are incomprehensible to our mind.
Just imagine the result and take action accordingly.
Your subconscious will realize it in a way that you will never
would have made you dream.
But don't forget to also take the appropriate steps.
The imagination shows your subconscious where you want to go and your subconscious finds possibilities. Of course you have to do the work.
If you want to be a successful painter, then of course you have to paint pictures.
As a designer, I naturally develop beautiful products and with my social project
I imagine that I help a lot of people to heal and that I touch a lot of people's hearts. Of course, I have to write the content and keep learning.
Imagining helps our subconscious to find ways to realize our dreams.
I hope I was able to help you with the mail
Kind regards

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