Why we block our creative energies

The automatic response to painful experiences in our life is to try not to feel the pain. In physical pain, we withdraw our consciousness from the painful part of the body. We try to cut ourselves off from our mental or emotional torments by tensing our muscles and pushing the pain out of our consciousness into the body. In order to keep it in the unconscious (or just below our conscious awareness), we create all kinds of distractions. We make sure that we are constantly busy, which can lead to job addiction. Or we take the other direction and settle in an imaginary land of milk and honey. Many become addicted to drugs, cigarettes; Chocolate or alcohol. Others make themselves perfect depending on whether they are the best or the worst. We project our problems onto someone else and would rather worry than actively try to solve our difficulties. We direct large parts of our energy in the wrong direction or suppress it in order to protect us from pain or simply to feel what we are feeling and are at the moment. We believe it will work. we imagine we can avoid feeling and being who we are.

But it doesn't work.

The price is big, but we even deny that we even have to pay for it.

The price is our life. The only way to avoid pain is to stop the flow of energy that is causing the pain. There are separate energy flows for physical, emotional and mental pain.

Unfortunately, everything else is also contained in this flow of energy. Pain is only part of it. If we stop the negative experience of pain, anger and fear in a situation, then we cut ourselves off from its positive experience on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

This process does not even occur in our consciousness because we have become used to it. We shield ourselves from our wounds. But through this we build a wall that separates us from our deep center, from our core. Since the creative power comes from this core, we thereby block this power. We literally cut ourselves off from our deep center so that it neither enters our consciousness nor can it manifest in outer life.

Source: light healing

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