The light in you

We are all beings of light and carry light within us.

Let us use the light in us. I do it every morning and center myself.

That means I lead bright light through my body and connect with

a ray of light with the mother earth and above the head with the universe.

It increases my energy enormously and so I become an energy channel.

Light has an ordering power. Every light frequency arranges certain structures.

We can understand matter as the order structures of light.

All matter - whether in our body or outside of us (even the ones on

our bank account) consists of order structures from light energy and


Trust as well as benevolence, trustworthiness, appreciation, interest,

Compassion, dignity, esteem, respect, peace -

All of these qualities contain a lot of light and one thing in the best sense

organizing, effective force.

You bring the action back into a good order.

They have a similar luminous vibration as the highest among them,

love. Love has the highest light content and therefore the strongest, ordering power.

And from this power of love we are made.

It is the material substance of our body as well as the substance of our


The inner light of our soul is our built-in navigation system.

Nourish your inner light and let your light shine.

There are many beautiful meditations on how to guide your body from

Flooded with light and enlightened inside.

If you do this daily, then you raise your energy frequency, glow from

Inside us you draw things into your life that also vibrate energetically.

Like attracts like. Make sure that you vibrate energetically high,

then you are not pulling anything into your life that has a low vibration and that is

Nothing nice that swings low

If you have any questions, please contact me.

At the Healing Nights, which will take place soon, I will go with all of you important

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Kind regards

your khatera

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