Past life pain

Much research has been done on 'past lives', both in the literature and through hypnotic regression. In this research it becomes clear that the source of most chronic psychological pain is past life experiences. A full account can be found in Rogers Woolger's book The Many Lives of the Soul. In his regression therapy, Dr. Woolger states that a client who has endured painful past life experiences becomes able to resolve similar circumstances in the present. Similar results have so far not been achieved in other types of therapy. Past life experiences attach themselves to the conglomerates of frozen psychological images. They too attract each other through the relationship of their energies and connect. Time does not separate them from...

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Why we block our creative energies

The automatic response to painful experiences in our life is to try not to feel the pain. In physical pain, we withdraw our consciousness from the painful part of the body. We try to cut ourselves off from our mental or emotional torments by tensing our muscles and pushing the pain out of our consciousness into the body. In order to keep it in the unconscious (or just below our conscious awareness), we create all kinds of distractions. We make sure that we are constantly busy, which can lead to job addiction. Or we take the other direction and settle in an imaginary land of milk and honey. Many become addicted to drugs, cigarettes; Chocolate or alcohol. Others make themselves...

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Tap into creative healing energies

Everyone can learn to tap into this deep inner source. It takes practice to voluntarily release the creative energies. It is more about removing inner obstacles than drawing up creative energies. When the obstacles are removed, creativity gushes out of the depths like an artesian well. Every artist knows the struggle to overcome the blocking of creative power. Once it is out of the way, the creative work of the painter or poet flows as if by itself. Scientists who are looking for a solution to a problem experience the same. The rational mind struggles but fails. After a deep sleep, dreaming, and some right brain activity, the answer is suddenly there. The creative power was released through an inner...

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